August 7, 2016


Linda Adams, Noah Anderson, Candido Andino, Rosemary Carlson, Rosemary Carrubba, Alice Giambeluca, Tim Johnson, Jack Kibler, Troy Little, David MacKercher, Rev. Dennis Mende, Patricia Moniot, Sherry Propheter, J.R., Janice Rial, Mark Stevenson, Tim Szczepinski, Lisa Troche, Pat Valone, Frank Vassallo.



Wine – Hosts – Sanctuary Lights – Memorials


Wine – In Memory of

Zanetta and Martinelli Families

By Nancy Stevenson

Hosts – In Memory of Joan Colera

By Al and Rosalie Gullotti

Sanctuary Light – Week of August 7th – 13th

In Memory of Josephine Morgan

By Diane Forsberg, Bev Larson,

Diana Purtell and Rosemary Carlson


Hosts – In Memory of Dolores Onuffer

By Carl and Paula Slagle

Sanctuary Light – Week of August 7th – 13th

In Memory of Dolores Onuffer

By Dorothy Lawson


In Memory of Charles Ward

By Rich and Kathy McMaster


Please note: If you are interested in purchasing wine or hosts in memory or honor of someone for a month, a sanctuary light for one week, or giving a donation to our Memorial Fund in memory or honor of someone, please call the parish office at 664-5703. A special card will be sent to the family noting your wishes.



We welcome into our faith community, through the Sacrament of Baptism, KIAN STRUELE FARMAND, son of Aria and Bridget (Heppeler) Farmand, and ISLA FRANCES WENDELBOE, daughter of Steven and Ashley (Gollnick) Wendelboe.

May Kian and Isla be filled with the Holy Spirit and received into the family of the church that they may walk with Christ and grow in the knowledge of His love.



Although we don’t know when this world will end, we do know that the end is always drawing closer. We do not have forever to answer God’s call. If God is calling you to a church vocation, call Fr. Andrew Lauricella at 716-847-5535.



The Transfiguration of the Lord

4:00 (St. John) Vincent Consiglio, Jr. by Wife Martha and Children, Sister Gerri Mazzurco and Brother Sam Consiglio


Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

7:15 (SSPP) Intentions of our Parishioners

9:00 (St. John) Margaret Ludwick by M/M Peter Conley and Family

11:00 (SSPP) Catherine Y. Corkery by Family


St. Dominic

12:10 (SSPP) Charlie Adams, Anniversary by Ellen Adams


St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross

9:00 (St. John) Arnold DePetro, Birthday by Wife Sally and Family


St. Lawrence

12:10 (SSPP) John Kosinski, Birthday by Children


St. Clare

9:00 (St. John) In Celebration of the 60th Wedding Anniversary of Dick and Mary Pat Andzel by Family


St. James Frances de Chantal

12:10 (SSPP) Souls of the Faithful Departed


Noon (St. John) WEDDING: John W. Campion and Kathleen Joy

4:00 (St. John) Dolores Onuffer by Holy Apostles Parish Family


Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

 7:15 (SSPP) Intentions of our Parishioners

9:00 (St. John) Nina Palermo, Birthday by Ron and Kathy DeSantis

11:00 (SSPP) Pamela Robson by Jim and Francine Loomis




Next Saturday, August 13th, JOHN W. CAMPION and KATHLEEN JOY will be united in marriage at St. John Church at Noon.

May the God of hope fill John and Kathleen with every joy in believing. May the peace of Christ abound in their hearts, and may the Holy Spirit enrich them with his gifts, now and forever.



Sunday, July 31

Collection Total = $7,408.91

Thank you for your support of our parish ministries!



August 15th is the day on which we celebrate the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary which is customarily a “holy day of obligation” on which we are expected to be present for Mass. However, this year that date falls on a Monday, which means that we run into a peculiarity of liturgical practice. Whenever this date occurs on either a Saturday or a Monday, the definition is a “relaxation of the law’s obligation in a given situation.” What this means for us is that we are not expected to be at Mass on that day. It is still a holy day, but without the accompanying obligation. Therefore, we will not have any extra Masses offered that day. The regular 12:10 PM Mass will be celebrated at SS. Peter and Paul Church, and you are welcome and encouraged to attend if you are able to do so.



Since we are concluding the initial request for pledges to Upon this Rock this weekend, you might be wondering when we will begin to receive the 35% parish share of the Initiative. The funds will be distributed twice a year beginning in 2017 from the Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo. What will come to us is 35% of the pledges that have been fulfilled up until the date of each distribution. This pattern will continue until all of the pledges have been fulfilled during the five year period for which they were made.

Please note that if you have not yet made a pledge or a one-time gift to Upon this Rock, it is not too late to do so.  All you need to do is complete the card that you received with the mailing and send it to us in the return envelope provided.

Remember, too, that if you have any questions concerning the Initiative, you are welcome to call Fr. Dennis at any time. Thank you again to all who are supporting this Initiative in building the future of our parish and diocese.



This Sunday afternoon, Father Dennis will be going to the Cleveland Clinic for one of his periodic check-ups to assess the progress of the malady affecting his lungs. He will be back home on Tuesday afternoon. Then on Wednesday afternoon he will be leaving again, this time to go to Boston where he will preside at the wedding of the younger of his two grand-nieces. He will return to Jamestown next Sunday evening. In his absence the Monday and Friday Masses at SS. Peter and Paul will be celebrated by Fr. Joseph Janaczek; and the Tuesday and Thursday Masses at St. John will be celebrated by Fr. William Barrett. Next weekend’s Masses will be celebrated by a visiting missionary priest, Fr. Jose Estolloso.


That is what we are called to be as followers of Christ.  These characteristics can show themselves in a variety of ways, from the manner in which we interact with others to the way in which we respond to the needs of our family, our, community and our Church.  In the seventeen years I have served as a parish priest here in Jamestown I have experienced the kindness and generosity of the Holy Apostles family and of the Catholic community in general.  Whether it be the giving of one’s time to serve in one of the liturgical ministries, or instructing our young people as catechists, or organizing and directing social activities, so many of our parishioners give witness to the presence of Christ among us.

In the course of the past three months I have seen this in yet another way in response to the Upon this Rock Initiative.  As you know all 166 parishes of the Diocese of Buffalo are participating in this project to ensure the sustainability of our ministries into the twenty-first century by raising $100,000,000 to endow and support our efforts on behalf of the Gospel of Christ.  This campaign is being conducted over a two year period of time (2015-2017) and groups of parishes are becoming part of the process in a phased-in manner.  In addition to an initial “pilot” group, there are four “blocks” of parishes and we, along with all of Southern Chautauqua, are part of “block 2” embracing some 48 parishes around the diocese.  As we bring our local campaign to a conclusion and approach the half-way point of the Initiative as a whole more than 55,000,000 has been received in pledges from the first 3 groups of parishes.  This is evidence of a kind and generous people.

Holy Apostles parishioners are among this people.  Our fair share of the amount to be raised is $670,000.  As you know from what I have said on several occasions I was taken aback when I first heard that amount.  My comment was, “God help us!”  Well, God does, and we have met and EXCEEDED our goal.  I cannot adequately express my gratitude to those parishioners who have made pledges, some of a very significant and sacrificial nature, or have given gifts to help ensure the sustainability of our parish and the ministries and services of the Catholic community throughout Western New York.  You are indeed a kind and generous people, and what you are giving will be a blessing to many for years to come.

As we move forward we ought not to forget that the most important part of this whole effort is prayer.  If it be God’s will then we will succeed in this momentous effort, and the only way to discern that is through lifting up the mission and ministry of our parish and diocese for God’s guidance and blessing.  Jesus himself gave a challenging task to his disciples and blessed them with the Holy Spirit to empower and fulfill it.  That same Holy Spirit will empower us to accomplish great things for God.

Be at peace,

Father Dennis Mende

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