July 10, 2016


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Wine – Hosts – Sanctuary Lights – Memorials


Wine – In Memory of Justin Reimondo


By Wife Fran and Children

Hosts – In Memory of Vincent Messina

By Wife Kathy and Family


In Memory of Ann Hughes

By Angela Nazzaro

In Memory of Joan Colera

By Fred, Jessica and Lucia Gullo


Please Note: If  you are interested in purchasing wine or hosts in memory or honor of someone for a month, a sanctuary light for one week, or giving a donation to our Memorial Fund in memory or honor of someone, please call the parish office at 664-5703. A special card will be sent to the family noting your wishes!



Every priest is expected to make an annual retreat for his spiritual well being and Father Dennis will be doing so this week. Beginning Sunday evening and continuing through Friday morning he will be at Christ the King Seminary in East Aurora for a five day directed retreat. Please remember him in your prayers that he may know the Lord’s blessings and be refreshed and strengthened with the grace of the Holy Spirit. In his absence Father Joseph Janaczek will be the priest-celebrant for the Monday, Wednesday and Friday Masses, and Father William Barrett will be the priest-celebrant for the Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 AM Masses.



God bless the nameless.

Those who find shelter where they can.

Who sleep on sidewalks and under cardboard roofs.

Who beg a few coins from passersby.

The children who go to bed hungry.

The parents who cry for them.

For children forced to grow up too soon.

For those who stand in line for one meal a day.

For the hands that prepared it.

For the forgotten dreams of childhood,

and those who dare to dream of the future.

For all who are dependent on the kindness of others.

They are the nameless, they are all children of God.


St. Augustine Zhao Ron and Companions

4:00 (St. John) Peter Indriolo by Mrs. Bessie Indriolo and Family


7:15 (SSPP) Dr. & Mrs. David L. Carlson and Family by Estate

9:00 (St. John) Joe Miraglia, Birthday by Wife and Family

11:00 (SSPP) Helen Law by Jean Moran and Alice and Dorothy Ludwiczak


St. Benedict

12:10 (SSPP) Intentions of our Parishioners


9:00 (St. John) Joseph Miraglia, Birthday by Sister, Josie Marcello


St. Henry

12:10 (SSPP) Claudine Rissberger by Marijka Lampard


St. Kateri Tekakwitha

9:00 (St. John) Rosalie Mullady by Kathy and Ron Healey


St. Bonaventure

12:10 (SSPP) Souls of the Faithful Departed


Our Lady of Mount Carmel

4:00 (St. John) Samuel and Josephine Gullotti (Anniversary) by Family


Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

7:15 (SSPP) Jack Milito, Birthday by Neil and Nancy Frederick

9:00 (St. John) Mike and Josephine Luciano, Birthdays by Daughters

11:00 (SSPP) Gilbert and Teresa Caskey by Estate



“Lighten Up”, a wise and witty celebration of faith and family is coming to Holy Apostles Parish. Doug Brummel and his cast of characters will entertain us on Sunday, October 16th at St. John Church hall. This presentation is sponsored by our Religious Education Department.

Doug’s cast of characters include: Estelle, the Purple Lady; College Student Andrew; Hoover, the Handyman; Sister Simon, the Teacher; Little Boy Timmy; Rob, the Busy Man; and Old Man Joe.

“Lighten Up” ministries is dedicated to bringing all generations together to celebrate the gift of faith and family. Don’t miss it.


Sunday, June 26

            Collection Total                       $7,801.05

Sunday, July 3

            Collection Total                       $10,542.25

Thank you for your support of our parish ministries!

            Peter’s Pence Collection           $1,317.00




Come Holy Spirit, Come!

The next in our series of Wednesday evening presentations will be a “LIFE IN THE SPIRIT” seminar. This is a 7 week study that will focus on the presence of the Holy Spirit in the life of the church and of each baptized person. Beginning in the mid twentieth century within the context of the Catholic Charismatic renewal, such seminars have been held throughout the world, inviting Catholics to a deeper and more vibrant living of our faith.

The “LIFE IN THE SPIRIT” seminars will be offered twice weekly beginning this Wednesday, July 13th at 7:00 PM in SS. Peter and Paul Church hall and on Friday afternoons at 1:00 PM beginning this Friday, July 15th.

The sessions will be directed by Celeste Martin who facilitated the Symbolon series last Advent season. To make a reservation to attend, e-mail Celeste at celestemmartin@gmail.com.






St. James Parish, 27 Allen St., Jamestown is hosting their annual SUMMER FESTIVAL, “Under the Big Tent” this weekend, July 9th and 10th. Saturday’s events will conclude at 9 PM and Sunday’s Hours are Noon to 5:30 PM. Great food, cookies and cannoli, cash and basket raffles, live music and the Italian dancers will be featured with free admission and parking!


Sacred Heart Parish in Lakewood is hosting a CHICKEN BARBECUE this Sunday, July 10th from 11:30 AM until 4 PM or until sold out. Cost is $8.50 per person and includes chicken, two sides, roll and cookies. Tickets will be available at the barbecue!


That is the subtitle for the Upon this Rock Initiative, the goal of which is to ensure the sustainability and viability of the parishes and ministries of the Catholic community throughout Western New York.  Beginning the last week of April Father Dennis has been meeting with a cross section of our supporting parishioners to provide information on this Initiative and what is asked of us to make it successful in building a strong witness for the faith in the 21st century.

If you had the opportunity to attend the information session last Thursday evening you already know the details and I would encourage you to make the success of the campaign a part of your daily prayers.  At this weekend’s Masses a general announcement is being made so that everyone who may not have been contacted directly by Father Dennis or Deacon Sam or one of several parishioners who have volunteered to serve as “ambassadors” for Upon this Rock will be aware of what is happening and why it is important for our future as a parish and as a diocese.

To everyone who has already made a commitment to support the Initiative I would like to express my gratitude for your willingness to join in standing together in faith so that our legacy to those who will come after us will be a strong and vibrant community in Christ.  Others may receive a mailing giving a prospectus of the campaign asking that you let us know whether or not you are able to participate.  Please do not take this as an attempt to badger you into something.  After 17 years as pastor you know that’s not my style!  Upon this Rock has been gradually unfolding in parishes throughout the diocese since last summer.  All of the parishes in Southern Chautauqua have now introduced the Initiative and are striving to meet goals representing a fair share of what is needed to ensure sustainability.  It takes several months for a parish to complete the process and at Holy Apostles we are entering the final phase.

Reaching the goal will ensure the financial viability and sustainability of our parishes as well as a number of ministries and service of the diocese which benefit particular areas where the Church needs to be present and impact peoples’ lives in promotion of the Gospel of Christ. The financial component of the Initiative is different from a simple encouragement to increase one’s weekly offertory contribution.  Its goal is much more encompassing in that it will facilitate not only added revenue for the parish but also the establishment of endowments that will sustain the work of the Church.

In this, Upon this Rock is a once in a lifetime project through which we can express our willingness to give substance to our commitment to follow Christ and honor those who did so before us through whose generosity and dedication we have inherited the Church that has nurtured us. May the Lord find us standing together in faith.

Be at peace,

Father Dennis Mende

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