July 17, 2016


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Wine – Hosts – Sanctuary Lights – Memorials


Wine – In Memory of Justin Reimondo


By Wife Fran and Children

Hosts – In Memory of Vincent Messina

By Wife Kathy and Family

Sanctuary Light – Week of July 17th – 23rd

In Memory of Josephine Morgan

By Frances P. Marchiando


In Memory of Rose Marie Elder

By Nancy Christner

By Irene Calamungi


Please note: If you are interested in purchasing wine or hosts in memory or honor of someone for a month, a sanctuary light for one week, or giving a donation to our Memorial Fund in memory or honor of someone, please call the parish office at 664-5703. A special card will be sent to the family noting your wishes.




Many times people wish to have a Mass offered, however we only have a limited number that can be scheduled during the course of the year. An alternative way of honoring a deceased person is through a MEMORIAL DONATION. The monies collected are used for capital improvements for the parish.

If you would like to give a memorial donation to the parish, send your wishes in writing along with your donation telling us who the memorial is for who it’s from and who you would like notified. A card will then be sent to the family.



JULY 17, 2016

We are like Martha. There’s plenty to be anxious about but only one thing is required of us. For five minutes today be like Mary; rest with Jesus and ask Him what He asks of you. If God is calling you to a Church vocation, call Fr. Andrew Lauricella at 716-847-5535. You can also check out the “Priest of the Month” stories on our website – www.buffalovocations.org!


M A S S E S  F O R  T H E  W E E K


Our Lady of Mount Carmel

4:00 (St. John) Samuel and Josephine Gullotti, Anniversary by Family


Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

7:15 (SSPP) Jack Milito, Birthday by Neil and Nancy Frederick

9:00 (St. John) Mike and Josephine Luciano, Birthdays by Daughters

11:00 (SSPP) Gilbert and Teresa Caskey by Estate


St. Camillus de Lellis

12:10 (SSPP) Intentions of our Parishioners


9:00 (St. John) Josephine Morgan by Sally DePetro


St. Apollinaris

12:10 (SSPP) Paul H. Grimm, Anniversary by Marie Grimm and Family


St. Lawrence of Brindisi

9:00 (St. John) Theresa Marucci, Birthday by Family


St. Mary Magdalene

12:10 (SSPP) Leo and Gertrude Batt by Estate


St. Bridget

4:00 (St. John) Mary and Anthony Martinelli by Estate


Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

7:15 (SSPP) Intentions of our Parishioners

9:00 (St. John) Pam Russo by Frank and Elizabeth Traniello

11:00 (SSPP) Mary Phelan by Katie DeSaqun and Family



Our Youth Group is collecting cans and bottles. If you have any you would like to donate, please bring them to the Southside Redemption Center on Foote Avenue and tell them to put the proceeds into the Holy Apostles Youth Group Account.

Thank You!



Sunday, July 10

Collection Total                       $8381.66         

Thank you for your support of our parish ministries!




The 2016 CATHOLIC CHARITIES APPEAL concluded on June 30th and BY THE GRACE OF GOD and through the generosity of many people in Western New York, the goal of $11,000,000 was met and exceeded! This means that the services offered by the largest non-government social services organization will continue to assist those who are in need. Unfortunately, we at Holy Apostles were not able to achieve our goal of $47,345. Nevertheless, Holy Apostles parishioners did contribute $43,438 which represents 92% of our goal. However, it’s never too late to make a donation, and if you have not done so I would urge you to consider helping us whittle down the $3,907 deficit. You do not need to have a contribution card; just mail a check to the rectory made out to Catholic Charities Appeal and we’ll see that it is properly processed and you receive credit for your donation. Please pray for the continuing good work done by Catholic Charities. Thank you.




Were you an altar server in your younger years? Ever think of coming out of retirement? We are in need of adults who would be willing to fulfill the responsibilities of serving at the altar for funeral Masses. The duties of serving are much the same as for a regular weekend or weekday Mass with some added ceremonies that are part of the Mass of Christian Burial. No extensive training is necessary, and the best way to learn is to accompany and “shadow” the servers at a Mass. Most funeral liturgies are celebrated in the morning, usually at 10:00 AM in one or the other of our church buildings, so you would have to be available then.

If you are interested in taking up this important ministry, please give Father Dennis a call at 664-5703 and he will be happy to speak with you and let you know how to get started.

Special Note: In times past altar servers were all male. However, this is no longer the case, so adult women who may not have had the opportunity to serve in their younger years are very welcome and encouraged to become altar servers for Masses of Christian Burial


There’s a lot of that going around in all walks of life, so we can expect to find it in the Church as well.  If you watch EWTN you will see advertisements for the National Catholic Register which promotes its reporting of matters pertaining to the faith as a resource for countering the “misinformation and even disinformation” that’s often encountered in various media outlets.  Because the Roman Catholic Church embraces such a large percentage of the world’s population and is so complex an institution it can easily be misunderstood or misinterpreted by those who have either little knowledge of its teachings or a disagreement with them.  That’s why we need to be careful in presenting our beliefs and correcting misinformation.

By now everyone at Holy Apostles will have heard of the Upon this Rock Initiative which is gradually being introduced in parishes throughout Western New York.  If not through a direct conversation with Father Dennis or Deacon Sam or one of several volunteers, then by a letter sent to your home you have received information on this capital campaign whose goal is to set the parishes and diocese on a firm financial foundation for the twenty-first century.  In asking parishioners to make a pledge that can be fulfilled in a five year period of time, the purpose is to ensure the sustainability of our Catholic community through endowments to help fund various ministries and services as well as providing added support for individual parishes.

Here’s where we are likely to encounter some misinformation.  The over all goal is to raise $100,000,000 in pledges.  I know that seems an astronomical amount, but we’re actually well on our way there!  Our fair share of that amount at Holy Apostles Parish is $670,000, and as of last Monday we were about 95% of the way there!  The next two weekends people who have not yet made a pledge will be afforded the opportunity to do so at all of the Masses.  Of the total amount pledged 35% will come directly to our parish for whatever purpose we deem necessary.  Point of misinformation:  someone recently said, “That’s not what I heard” without specifying just what was heard!  Be that as it may, it IS what will happen, and even better than that, for every dollar received over our goal (if we’re so blessed) 55% of that will come directly to the parish.

Another point of misinformation:  I’ve heard it said (behind my back, of course) that “the diocese is taking all the money.”  Well, that’s outright disinformation, and just not true.  Upon this Rock is a good faith attempt to ensure that the Church will be viable for future generations and our support will give witness to our willingness to take up our cross and follow Christ in service to his people.  Please help to make sure that the right information is out there, and to all who have and will make a pledge I offer my sincere gratitude for your generosity.

Be at peace,

Father Dennis Mende

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