March 26, 2017


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Wine – Hosts – Sanctuary Lights – Memorials


Hosts – In Memory of Stella Restivo

By Frances P. Marchiando


Wine and Hosts:

In Memory of Siegfried Kutschke

By Craig and Nancy Miller


Please pray for the repose of the soul of Donald Federko. Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace.



                Collins Christian Ministry (CCM) is the name of the prison Ministry Retreat Program that will take place at Collins Correctional Facility from March 30th – April 2nd. Please consult today’s insert which explains how you can play an active role in bringing the Holy Spirit to the weekend.

If you are planning on donating baked goods, please deliver them to SS. Peter and Paul Church rectory at 508 Cherry St., on Wednesday, March 29th by 2:00 PM. You can also drop off at this same time, any monetary donations. For additional information contact Deacon Sam at 485-3901.



                We are once again accepting names in memory of or in honor of loved ones living and deceased, for our Easter Flower Memorial Fund. Minimum donation is $15. A special insert in the Easter Sunday bulletin will list those remembered. Fill out the coupon below and mail it to Holy Apostles Parish at 508 Cherry St., or drop it in the Sunday collection basket in a plain white envelope marked “Easter Flower Memorial Fund.” Deadline is Monday, April 10. We cannot accept names after this date.



____$15.00 donation enclosed

In Memory of__________________________________________

In Honor of:___________________________________________


Purchased by:__________________________________________






Annunciation of the Lord

4:00 (St. John) Bennie Cardinale by Angie Ricotta


7:15 (SSPP) Intentions of our Parishioners

9:00 (St. John) Antonino and Carmela Bellito Mazzurco by son Carmelo and daughter-in-law Theresa Mazzurco

11:00 (SSPP) Shirley Gutierrez by Carol Proestler


12:10 (SSPP) Mass of Thanksgiving to the Holy Family for prayers answered by Parishioner


9:00 (St. John) Souls of the Faithful Departed


12:10 (SSPP) Souls of the Faithful Departed

6:30 (St. John) Stations of the Cross


9:00 (St. John) Joseph Armeli by wife Antoinette and Family


11:15 (SSPP) Stations of the Cross

12:10 (SSPP) Sherry Propheter by Mary Dominick


4:00 (St. John) Stella Restivo by Lucille and John Genco


Fifth Sunday of Lent

7:15 (SSPP) Bradley Abbey, Anniversary by Family

9:00 (St. John) John Bellardo Jr., by Maryanne Vullo and Family

11:00 (SSPP) Joseph Mangano by M/M Peter Conley and Family



The best way to prepare spiritually for Easter is by making a good confession. With this in mind, the parishes of the greater Jamestown area will gather at St. John Church on MONDAY, APRIL 3RD for a


                Following the Liturgy of the Word in which we will acknowledge our need for forgiveness, several priests will be available for individual confessions in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Everyone is invited and welcome to attend. This is a time of grace and renewal in Christ especially if you have been away from confession for some time.



Plans are now being made for the NATIONAL CATHOLIC YOUTH CONVENTION which will take place in the fall.  If you are in grades 9 – 12 you are cordially invited to attend. You will be receiving information in the mail soon regarding the upcoming Convention. If you don’t receive any info within the next couple of weeks, contact Paula Slagle at 485-8783. Keep checking future bulletins for more info as we prepare for this exciting Convention!



Sunday, March 19

Collection Total – $7,942.63

Thank you for your support of our parish ministries!


Our Parish family would like to say a special “thank you” to everyone who prepared and served the foods and pastries at our recent St. Joseph Table. We received many positive compliments on the setting and people were so grateful to have the opportunity to partake of the traditional fare and that St. Joseph was appropriately honored. In keeping with tradition, donations of food were made to several local organizations that assist people in our community. Cookies were given to Chautauqua Adult Day Care at its two sites, boxed pasta goods were given to the St. Susan Center, and sheet cakes were given to the Boys and Girls Club. We also shared with our neighbors at St. Mary of Lourdes Parish in Bemus Point by a donation of cannoli shells and filling. Viva San Giuseppe!

Once again, we are most grateful to Carm Ciancio and Sue Boland whose diligent planning and hard work provided all who joined us with the opportunity to share food and fellowship in the spirit of gratitude for St. Joseph’s intercessions.




Lent is our time to consider our need for forgiveness of sins and seek reconciliation with God and one another which is accomplished by receiving the Sacrament of Penance. In all parishes of the Diocese, each Wednesday, “the light is on for you” and a priest is available to hear confessions. Here at Holy Apostles, Father Dennis is present twice, once in the morning at SS. Peter and Paul Church in the Reconciliation Room in St. Joseph’s Chapel from 11:15 AM to Noon, and in the evening at St. John Church from 5:30 – 6:15 PM. Confessions will continue until Easter. This is in addition to the regular Saturday afternoon time at St. John Church.


LENTEN FISH DINNERS continue every Friday during Lent (except for Good Friday) at St. John Church hall from 4:30 – 7:00 PM. Adults $10 and children  $8. A variety of fish dinners (battered or broiled) as well as Vegetable Lasagna is available. Join us!


STATIONS OF THE CROSS continue during Lent – at SS. Peter and Paul Church on Fridays at 11:15 AM, and on Wednesdays at 6:30 PM at St. John Church.

The Stations are a way to pray and meditate on Christ’s sacrifices for us. Please join us.



            I’m writing this on the “ides of March” on the second day of a raging snowstorm which has caused all sorts of cancellations and disruptions of peoples routines.  Who would have thought that after enjoying temperatures in the 70’s at the end of February we would be coping with mid-winter conditions in the middle of March?  Go figure.  Perhaps it is situations such as these that are the origin of the saying, “the only thing certain is death and taxes.”  At any rate, by the time you read it will be spring and maybe all of the snow piles will have disappeared.

I mention this because the unpredictable nature of the weather can serve as a metaphor for the uncertainty of our lives.  As careful as our plans may be we cannot say with a high degree of certainty what will happen tomorrow.  This is true in our practice of the faith as well.  How many of us, for example, began Lent with the intention to become more fervent in our faith only to have unforeseen circumstances get in the way of realizing our goal?  This can be discouraging and may even lead to our giving-up and thinking ourselves hopeless.  Yet when this happens it provides the opportunity to double-down on living the Gospel.  Indeed, it was probably in view of circumstances such as this that our Lord made it clear to the disciples that he would be with them always (see Matthew 28: 16-20).

This is now the fourth Sunday of Lent and we would do well to consider in what areas of our lives we most need to be aware of that abiding presence of the Risen Christ.  Especially when something unpredictable happens and we are knocked off curse it is easy to forget about the Lord’s promise.  One of the values of a daily routine of prayer and Scripture reading is that such practices keep us grounded in our Catholic world view which sees the temporal in the light of the eternal.  Often, when I’m faced with unpredictable circumstances I’ll remind myself that because God is in control there’s likely a reason for the situation, and I can best handle it by discerning what God wants me to find there.

This is where spoken prayer needs to yield to silence and listening, to what is referred to as “waiting upon God.”  Given the reality of the world in which we live, so filled with activity and noise, this is hard work and requires a determined act of the will.  All prayer, Scripture reading and study, all devotions, should lead to and flow from a personal encounter with Jesus the Risen Lord.  As with all personal relationships, this is a two-way street, and it requires of us a willingness to hear what Jesus wants to say to us.  Our spending time in silence gives him such an opportunity, and may be just the key to making sense of why the unpredictable is happening.

Thus, as we move ever closer to Easter we might ponder the latest unpredictable occurrence in our lives and ask Jesus, “What are you trying to tell me?”

Be at peace,

Father Dennis Mende

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