May 21, 2017


Candido Andino, Baby Charlotte, Monica Becht, Nancy Curran, Jim Fusco, Richard Fusco, Marie Grimm, Ann Kapuscinski, Sarah Lamantia, Alice Minarovich, Julie Ann Pollaro-Spaulding, J.R., Janice Rial, Lisa Troche, Pat Valone, Kathy Westerberg.



Wine – Hosts – Sanctuary Lights – Memorials


Hosts – In Memory of Pearl & Michael Farnella

By Family

Sanctuary Light – Week of May 21st – 27th

In Memory of Jim Spoto

By Carl and Paula Slagle


Wine – In Memory of Charlie and Vi Rewers

By Daughters

Sanctuary Light – Week of May 21st – 27th

In Memory of Victoria Whitfill


The FEAST OF THE ASCENSION OF THE LORD is Thursday, May 25th and is a holy day of obligation. Masses for the Feast are as follows: Wednesday, May 24th – Vigil Mass at St. John Church at 5:00 PM; Thursday, May 25th – 7:00 AM Mass at SS. Peter and Paul Church, 9:00 AM Mass at St. John Church and 12:10 PM Mass at SS. Peter and Paul Church.


            Next Sunday, May 28th, our Holy Apostles Parish Choir will be singing patriotic music in celebration of Memorial Day at the 11:00 AM Mass at SS. Peter and Paul Church.

Come join us for the Liturgy and enjoy the wonderful talents of our Choir members as we honor in song, all veterans, living and deceased, and those presently serving in the armed forces of the United States.



Jesus’ love for us is unparalleled, and Jesus asks us to remain faithful to his love. Might God be calling you to help His children know His love? If God is calling you to a Church vocation, call Fr. Andrew Lauricella at 716-847-5535.



St. Bernadine of Siena

4:00 (St. John) Bennie Cardinale by Josephine Conti


7:15 (SSPP) Roy and Marie Frederick by Neil & Nancy Frederick

9:00 (St. John) Rebecca Painter by Fran and Amy Sirianni

11:00 (SSPP) Sherwood Lawson by wife Dorothy and children


St. Rita of Cascia

12:10 (SSPP) Intentions of Parishioners


9:00 (St. John) Mary and Anthony Martinelli by Estate


12:10 (SSPP) Nancy Champ, Anniversary by Sally Corkery and daughters

5:00 PM (St. John) Vigil Mass for Feast of the Ascension – Souls of the Faithful Departed


The Ascension of the Lord

Holy Day of Obligation

7:00 (SSPP) Souls of the Faithful Departed

9:00 (St. John) Souls of the Faithful Departed

12:10 (SSPP) Deceased Parents of Carl Mazzurco by Carl Mazzurco Family


St. Philip Neri

12:10 (SSPP) Elizabeth Lenna by Hendrix Family


St. Augustine of Canterbury

4:00 (St. John) Rosie Bower, Birthday by Michelle Jensen

5:30 (Holy Cross Cemetery at the Veteran’s Memorial) – Mass in Honor of our Living and Deceased Veterans – weather permitting


Seventh Sunday of Easter

7:15 (SSPP) Intentions of our Parishioners

9:00 (St. John) Michael and Pearl Farnella by Family

11:00 (SSPP) Lory Muscarela, Jr., by Parents: Lory and Angie Muscarella



A special Mass will be celebrated on Saturday, May 27th at 5:30 PM at Holy Cross Cemetery – weather permitting. Everyone is invited to attend. Please bring a blanket or chair for seating. The Mass will be celebrated at the Veterans Memorial.



Sunday, May 14th

Collection Total = $8,635.40

Thank you for your support of our parish ministries!




            Memorial Day weekend is fast approaching and our cemetery staff has been working diligently to have our grounds in good order for the many visitors who will be making a special visit to the gravesites of family and friends to do spring plantings. Although there has been a lot of rain, great progress has been made in clearing away the ravages of winter.

Several people have inquired about the changes occurring on Coyle Hill where a section of the trees have been removed from the hillside facing West Oak Hill Road. This is part of a project necessary to accommodate and provide access to a family mausoleum which has been erected to the north side of and below the large Celtic cross honoring Father Coyle. We are most grateful to the family who are funding the building of a roadway around the crest of the hill which will make it practical for us to make available the purchase of gravesites on the eastern slope of the hillside.

As is our custom a MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND MASS will be offered on SATURDAY, MAY 27 AT 5:30 PM at the Veterans Memorial. Everyone is invited to attend this Mass which will fulfill the Sunday obligation. Please bring a chair or blanket for seating. Mass will be celebrated weather permitting, so if it is or has been raining or if there are thunderstorms nearby it will have to be cancelled.

Also, our annual NEWSLETTER has not yet been prepared because Father Dennis is somewhat behind schedule in getting all of the content prepared. However, it IS in process and we WILL have a Newsletter this year but it will be late in getting to you.



We are moving ever closer to realizing our goal for this year’s Appeal. As of this weekend, Holy Apostles parishioners have contributed $42,332. This represents 95.5% of our goal of $44,300 so we have yet to raise $1,968 to contribute our fair share to supporting the good works of Catholic Charities in service to those in need throughout Western New York.

If you have not yet done so, and are able to make a donation, please do so at your earliest convenience. If you need a contribution card, just call the rectory and we will provide one.



            No, this is not an article about mediums and methods of communicating with the dead and other sorts of nonsense expressly forbidden in the Bible and by the Church!  Rather, I would like us to take some time to consider our customs of honoring the departed both in our civil society and in the Church.  We will have a good example of this next weekend when we observe Memorial Day and throughout the country special Services and public gatherings will be held to remember and honor those who served in the Armed Forces of the United States, in particular those who lost their lives in combat.  Many of these observances will take place in cemeteries, and here in Jamestown the Memorial Day parade will conclude with a Service in Soldiers Circle in Lakeview Cemetery.

For those who take such observances seriously, and not just as a pious custom on what is otherwise just another day off from work and school to picnic and party, this is an opportunity to look at our lives in the light of what those who have gone before us have contributed to our well being.  Having its origins in the nineteenth century, it was for many years known as “Decoration Day” in reference to the tradition of adorning the graves of deceased soldiers with flowers and mementos.  This visit to the departed was and remains the focal point for what has been formalized into a national act of respect and thanksgiving for those who “made the ultimate sacrifice” in service of our country.

I find it particularly interesting that most of the observances that will take place next weekend will have both secular and religious dimensions to them.  In an era when there is a strong movement afoot to marginalize the Church by reinforcing and making impenetrable the so-called “wall of separation” from the state, Memorial Day is a time when it is seen as entirely appropriate that public gatherings include the offering of prayers and the reading of religious texts.  What this shows us is that there can be an enriching of our honoring the deceased by making a place for the various ways in which we maintain our connection with people in our families, communities, and country have played a role in maintaining our rights and freedoms.

As a parish family we will observe Memorial Day weekend in two special ways.  Next Saturday, May 27th weather permitting, I will celebrate an outdoor Mass at Holy Cross Cemetery at the Veterans Memorial at 5:50 PM giving us the opportunity to visit the departed who are buried there.  Then on Sunday, May 28th at the 11:00 AM Mass our Holy Apostles Choir will be honoring with special music the departed who served our country.

Let us therefore as a faith family join with the whole community in an expression of our gratitude to those who have served us by paying a visit to the departed to express our appreciation to them.

Be at peace,

Father Dennis Mende

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