Father’s Message



              As you well know our parish and diocesan fiscal year extends from 1 September through 31 August of the calendar year. At the end of September we submitted our Financial Report for fiscal 2016-2017, and inserted into this bulletin is the “Statement of Income and Expenditures” which is a summary of that more detailed report. I believe this format provides our parishioners with a user-friendly way of reviewing our financial status without having to plod through the technicalities of a report that only those conversant with bookkeeping and accounting procedures would understand just to answer the basic question of whether we’re in the black or in the red. If you have any questions about any item(s) on the Statement, I or our Financial Secretary, Dianne Woleen, would be happy to answer them for you.

As you see from the “Operating Budget Reconciliation” we completed the year with a substantial surplus, and this is a very good thing. Our contributing parishioners are to be commended for their faithful support. Please note that I use the adjective “contributing” here. This is because not all registered families support the parish financially. Indeed, we mirror the national average of Catholic parishes in which a full 30% are non-contributing. Some cannot, of course, and that is understandable. Others, however, who are able, do not believe they are obligated to do so. This means that the 70% who contribute regularly are carrying the weight for everyone and their generosity is an even greater blessing. We are aided in meeting our expenses by “Extraordinary Income” receipts; and now by the funds we received from the Upon This Rock capital campaign conducted last year. You will remember that for a five year period of time we will be receiving bi-annual distributions representing 35% of parishioner pledges and donations to this diocesan initiative. Although these amounts are entered as parish income, they are intended to be used to fund the various projects outlined in the prospectus that was presented to the parish when support for the campaign was asked of parishioners. Indeed, a portion of this year’s distribution is being used to cover the cost of the flooring work in St. John hall which is now getting underway.

We incurred an unusually high expenditure this year with regard to the maintenance of the Holy Family Center complex. This is because we had to replace the roof on the former convent section and repair water damage to the interior. We also had to repave the parking lots.  Fortunately, we are receiving substantial income from the lease with Chautauqua Opportunities, Inc., which helped to offset the costs.

A careful review of the enclosed Statement will show that all in all, we are doing well financially, and I am most grateful to everyone who supports our parish financially.

Be at peace,
Father Dennis Mende



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